Super-Cali-Sweet-Party !

A super sweet party on the rooftop…Super glitter, delicious cocktails, colorful pictures, yummy candy, absinthe shots and more yummy candy and a whole lot of more yummy candy welcomed everyone to a party hosted by Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious at the old sugar refinery on the Zalka seaside.

The rooftop turned wild sugar rush party with a super original exhibition held celebrating the best photos taken using Lamograpahy – that emphasizes on casual, snapshot photography. Some of Lebanon’s most artistic photographers have submitted their own view of what Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means to them, and that’s made room for some pretty crazy stuff. A whole bunch of amateurs also submitted some Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious pictures, and 12 brilliant ones were shortlisted.

Come early to the event (we’ll be there as of 6PM) and check out work by

  • Nagib Khazaka
  • Roger Moukarzel
  • Ayla Hibri
  • Jean Pierre Tarabay
  • Ralph Nashawati
  • Karim Joreige
  • Georges Zouein
  • Tania Traboulsi
  • Carine Badr
  • Carlos Aoun
  • Chris Aoun
  • Oliver Aoun
  • Noel Nasr
  • Natalia Sancha

You’ll also get the chance to see which of these finalists will win some goodies, including a week-end Meridien spa getaway to Limassol from SunHoliday, a 24-carat gold and pearl colored bracelet from Purrl, some Lomography products, a dozen Sugar Daddy cupcakes, a gift voucher from the Union, and of course some Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious goodies.

Shortlisted photographers:

  • Kinda Darwish
  • Elsie Haddad
  • Rosette Stephan
  • Hadrien Bechara
  • Pierre Jousset
  • Janie Shen
  • Lara Tabet
  • Louis Monsef
  • Dima Taouk
  • Karim Abou Rizk
  • Ghalas Charara
  • Alfred Badr

DJs LINE-UP included Caline, DJette, Georges&Richie putting the crowd in the a dancing mood from dusk til dawn!