Sunday Lunch or a Day at the Beach? Finally a Place that Offers Both

Far more than just another undeveloped stretch of beach turned into a Beirut summer destination, Iris Beach Club is where you can spend an entire day with your friends and family in an unpretentious yet quietly sophisticated setting. A blank canvas for creativity, the view at Iris Beach Club makes for a stunning wedding venue. And at Iris Beach, you don’t have to sacrifice a good meal for a day in the sun.

Iris Beach Club is the newest addition to the growing Addmind family, the mother company behind White, Iris, Mad, Cassis, Rococo, Urban Faqra and Bonita Bay. An offshoot of its namesake atop the An Nahar building in downtown, Iris Beach Club mirrors Iris’ refined yet relaxed feel; Iris Beach Club combines the quality and attention to detail of a fine dining restaurant with the laid-back and casual comfort of a Sunday afternoon barbeque on the beach. Caught between a bucolic plantation and the stunning Mediterranean Sea, the setting evokes just what Iris Beach Club is all about. Iris Beach Club leads you down a rustic unpaved road enclosed by walls of banana leaves to a place where simplicity meets unapologetic style.

“We have developed Iris Beach Club to create a new beach experience in Lebanon that offers a rare combination of great food, great drinks and great music”, explained Tony Habre, CEO of Addmind.

Karim Jaber, Managing Partner at Addmind, continues: “With Iris Beach, we want to provide a uniquely indulgent experience without falling into the trap of being pretentious and inaccessible.”

Iris Beach’s décor appropriately expresses its relaxed and elegant style. As you walk through the bright blue door, the striking yellows, blacks, and reds of the plush canvas beds contrast with the clean white washed walls. Colorful hammocks and Fat Boy beanbags are scattered across the sand. A T-shaped pool overlooking the Mediterranean provides a cool respite from the summer heat. And at night, soft amber lighting reflecting off the sides of wine glasses creates a scene right of out of The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Using only fair trade and fresh local produce, the food at Iris Beach Club injects a fine dining element to old international favorites. From grilled octopus, watermelon and Halloumi, and pizza to lobster linguini, buffalo mozzarella, and lamb chops, Iris Beach satisfies every craving. The fresh fruit cocktails, smoothies, and sangrias blended by mixologists at the bar, provide a refreshing indulgence for the non-diners. Most people don’t go to the beach for the food, but at Iris Beach Club, you will.

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