Straight From the Catwalk DJ Van Kleef Live At Palais Maillot

This past Saturday, Palais Maillot celebrated the weekend by inviting renowned fashion DJ Van Kleef. If you follow high fashion you must have heard of iconic DJ Van Kleef. DJ Van Kleef boasts titles such as official party DJ for designer labels such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Chanel. DJ Van Kleef has performed for several elite runways with FastionTV cameras regularly at his back.

Resident DJ Chris opened up the show warming up beautiful guests who came dressed to impress. Main act DJ Van Kleef started into his set accompanied by 4 Ukrainian dancers, the night of luxury and decadence invoked by Van Kleef’s stellar tracks commenced. Towards the end of the evening Camel cigarette promoters joined the party, distributing free Camel packs to anyone interested.