Starch Fundraising Party at the Basement

Starch, the fashion foundation, held a fundraising party with the usual suspect DJ Bestov special night ‘I Love Pop’ at the Basement Saifi. Devoted to launching young Lebanese designers , STARCH foundation inaugurated its third season with the re-opening of its boutique. The foundation seeks to develop and strengthen the design industry in Lebanon, Rabih Kayrouz and Tala Hajjar Khalaf believe it must be constantly revived and renewed by the introduction of fresh talent.

To this end, Kayrouz and Hajjar have committed themselves to an annual program of bringing young designers into the industry. In March 2008, they selected four designers with backgrounds in fashion and helped them develop, launch and promote their collections. In collaboration with Solidere, they have created a space for these and subsequent groups of young designers to present their work.