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Have you not voted for WHITE Beirut yet! Well what are you waiting for!? One of Beirut’s most popular, gorgeous and happening venues is up for recognition, let’s all come together and recognize the pure white palace we all know and love!

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WHITE BIO: White similar to Beirut in the sense they both are pulsating with energy, oozing with style and attract one of the most cosmopolitan crowds this side of the Mediterranean. This pure white nightlife escape is located seaside invites guests to soak in the finest atmosphere, enjoy the sassiest beats and enjoy a wonderful view perched up high on its rooftop. As night falls White brings on their surprises including sexy professional dancers, DJ’s who constantly rock the house and a who’s-who line up of top world famous international acts. White offers one of the best experiences in the head of nightlife. The ambience, music and entertainment conspire to dazzle your senses.