SPLONGE NYE Celebrations at Metis

In one of Beirut’s most exclusive parties, SPLONGE celebrated NYE2011 with a handful of select clubbers and guests.

DJs Phil and maDJam played a selection of dance favorites from the past 3 decades, igniting a sense of nostalgia with the classics and a feeling of familiarity with the freshest new tracks.

FZ, Fareeq el Atrash’s beatboxer also entertained the crowds with a astounding vocal percussion performance

Splonge resident VJ Kaa handled the visuals, completing the audiovisual delights the emanated and projected in Metis.

Guests enjoyed open premium bar, after a delicious dinner formula prepared by Metis’ renowned gourmet chefs.

A wonderful setup, impressive decorations and costumes, as well as the finest musical, culinary and visual talents came together to make Splongers’ NYE2011 a unique celebration.