Spending Summer Days and Nights in Jbeil: Tour Byblos with BeirutNightLife.com!

When planning a night out Lebanon’s inhabitants and tourists automatically think Beirut City. While it is true that Beirut is a prime location to enjoy nightlife, there are other incredible places and options provided by this beautiful country that one must enjoy. Byblos is one of those, if not the most amazing, places. Located 6 miles (42 kilometers) North of Beirut sits Byblos. Byblos is the Greek name for the old Phoenician city Gebal. The Mediterranean city in Mount Lebanon is presently under the current Arabic name of Jubayl or Jbeil. Today this land, founded by Cronus, is believed by many to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world!

But Byblos is absolutely not just an old town. The area re-emerged to become an upscale touristic hub that people of all ages can enjoy. Byblos is filled with beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque mountains that surround it, making it the ideal place to spend a lovely summer day. Soak in the sun at one of the numerous beach resorts or hop on a yacht cruise into the harbor. Those options along with the castle tours, museums and retail shops make the possibilites of fun endless. 

Like any Lebanese would tell you, people in this country crave nightlife. Byblos offers a great selection of nightspots where you can ignite the night! The area is filled with delicious fish and sea food restaurants that boast perfect views, chill outdoor cafes and best of all happening open-air bars fully equipped with bass bumpin’ resident DJs spinning throughout the evening. 1188 Lounge Bar, Bar O Bar, Old Pub, Iguana and my personal favorite the Garden, are just a few places BeirutNightLife.com frequents during nights out in Byblos. Before you completely let loose on the strip of nightlife bars make sure to visit all the retail shops at the Byblos Old Souks. From clothes, accessories to souvenirs you’ll find great deals on cheeky items that you can only find in beautiful Byblos.

Come along with BeirutNightLife.com as we spend the day and party at night in Byblos, the modern city that still retains its historical past.