The Soulful Gisele Jackson at Beiruf

Last Thursday Beiruf invited a unique performer to sing for the club goers via the rooftop. Baltimore Maryland born and house music diva, Gisele Jackson. The vocalist best known for international club hits including “Love Commandments” which reached #2 on a Billboard chart and #54 on UK Singles Chart.

Gisele sang her soulful version of Rihanna’s “Please don’t stop the music”, and then brought us back decades to the disco era singing “It’s raining men”. Girls, who were club guests at the club, joined the diva onstage becoming a lovely entourage of backup dancers. Gisele dedicated her last song to the audience letting us know that she loves us because we are “Lebanese honey!” she continues explaining Lebanese are “Simply the best” which was coincidently the name of her last song.