A Sophisticated Way of Beaching: Iris Beach Club

put their talented team to work once again, this time to offer up something a little different. We have known Add-Mind to open some of the biggest clubs, bars and restaurants in town but now they can add beach resort to their list of lavish getaways.

Iris Beach Club is now open for the first time! Recently celebrating their official opening, a full beach house of guests came to enjoy a wonderful evening at one of the most zen beach resorts around. The beautifully designed Iris Beach Club is perfect for spending the entire day with friends and family in an unpretentious yet quietly sophisticated setting. For the opening guests enjoyed music, entertainment and rounds of fine champagne on ice. Although the celebration was held in the evening, guests took the opportunity to escape the heat by taking refreshing dips in the pool. Guest DJ Victor Simon, from Holland, supplied his smooth Electronic style. Live bands “Pop Tarts” and “Vanilla” were an added bonus to the already entertaining and chill out evening by the sea.

Here’s what partners at Add-Mind have to say about the new Iris Beach Club

We have developed Iris Beach Club to create a new beach experience in Lebanon that offers a rare combination of great food, great drinks and great music”, explained Tony Habre, CEO of Addmind.

Karim Jaber, Managing Partner at Addmind, continues: “With Iris Beach, we want to provide a uniquely indulgent experience without falling into the trap of being pretentious and inaccessible.

All and all Iris Beach Club is the place to go for a relaxed elegant style, fine dining and a gorgeous view. I personally will be laying out on one of the colorful hammocks or fat boy beanbags all summer long…see you there!