Keep Your Sexy Summer Body Fit at Riviera’s New Beach Outlet

On June 1st The Riviera hotel & Diet Center was pleased to welcome guest to the opening of their brand new, Fit Beach Outlet by Sawsan Wazzan. A very warm welcoming fit cocktail reception took place at 7:00pm, a perfect time for guests to enjoy refreshing drinks, just as the sun was setting over Beirut.

Riviera’s new Fit Beach Outlet follows the concept, “Wisdom is to the mind what health is to the body” .

Riviera Fit Beach Outlet provides all Riviera Beach Lounge guests & its members with healthy, low fat platter to enjoy under the sun and by the sea. Riviera invites you to eat healthy, feel great and optimize your health with the rich Fit Beach Menu. Located at the heart of Beirut city, at the Corniche El Manara, Riviera Beach lounge defines innovation when it comes to beach concepts. Not only through its impeccable setting but also through featured events such as designer fashion shows, DJ events, celebrity appearances, themed nights and so much more!

Now Riviera Beach allows you to enjoy life’s finest pleasures all year round. Most importantly, the new Fit Beach Outlet allows you to enjoy delicious food at the beach while keeping the tight body you worked so hard for.

Happy & healthy beaching Beirut!