Rooftops in Lebanon: Clubbing in the Skies

The chill is gone and the sun is out, so do you feel it?? I sure do! Summer is almost here and everyone knows that summer is best spent in Lebanon. There are many ways to spend your sunny days, hanging out at a club, local bars, renowned restaurants and laid back lounges but there are few places you definitely don’t want to miss out on…I give you, the oh so famous, rooftops of Lebanon! Rooftops have been the big craze for a while now and it doesn’t seem like that fad is going to fade. That’s why, the no.1 website promoting tourism, brings you a special guide introducing the hottest rooftop spots for this coming season.


Let’s start off loungin’. At the venue where the former White Beirut stood now stands an ultra lounge with its own identity. Iris completely strays from the club theme providing warm earth tones and actual greenery to create its inviting ambiance. Iris is known as a perfect pre-clubbing spot but that isn’t to say that one can’t easily spend a full night eating, drinking, and chilling to lounge music in a relaxed atmosphere. Iris also provides live music on select nights for added entertainment. All and all Iris is a relaxing, breathtaking spot with a lively twist.




Cherry on the Rooftop
Last summer Le Gray Hotel introduced a chic and sophisticated rooftop doused in finesse. It’s the newest bar to open up at the Le Gray. Serving delicious cocktails and delectable finger food, this is a location for people to come relax, chill and enjoy the beautiful view. Much like every other Le Gray Hotel outlet, it is trendy with a unique identity, attracting Lebanon’s most stylish crowd. Don’t forget to come check out the gorgeous infinity pool that very could be the Cherry on the Rooftop.





Le Capitole
Another gorgeous rooftop perfect to stop into on a nightly basis. Location, location, location…. this rooftop located in one of the most majestic areas in Lebanon, its Downtown. Le Capiole sits perched up on the rooftop of the Asseily Bulding. Although it is a rooftop the venue provides a lovely indoor space as well, for guests who prefer the cozy indoor feel. The view from the terrace is incredible making it an ideal spot for the esteemed people of Beirut to enjoy a drink and dine to the sound of trendy lounge music. This unique innovative venue is perfect for any occasion.





Pier 7
Last summer Lebanon saw the opening of the countries newest open air club. Crystal Group put their talented production team to work yet again, this time to deliver the future of nightlife experiences. Pier 7 took the clubbers of Lebanon into another world, an escape at the sea if you will. Its architecture was different, the team constructed a vast circular nightclub so that revelers could dance, socialize, and easily move around to mingle under the stars. Pier 7 is a dream for VIPs as they can enjoy the exclusivity of seven privé glass enclosed tables infused with bottle service from a fully stocked premium bar. Last summer Crystal Group delivered loads of A-Class international artists to perform on the Pier 7 stage…I noticed the team has recently been at work at Pier 7, so stayed tuned for some great changes and additions to the open-air escape.



Quite possibly my favorite rooftop/club of all time. Add-mind’s White is one of those venues that will stand the test of time. The name White is synonymous with prevalent, sought out and sexy. White is similar to Beirut in the sense they both are pulsating with energy, oozing with style and attract one of the most cosmopolitan crowds this side of the Mediterranean. This pure white nightlife getaway is located seaside invites guests to soak in the finest atmosphere, enjoy the sassiest beats and enjoy a wonderful view perched up high on its rooftop. As night falls White brings on their surprises including sexy professional dancers, DJ’s who constantly rock the house and a who’s-who line up of top world famous international acts. The ambience, music and entertainment conspire to dazzle your senses.



The open-air oasis that needs no introduction. Since it’s inception Sky bar was an enormous hit. It is arguably the favored hotspot for both Lebanese and foreign jetsetters alike. Not only is a great place to leave all your inhibitions at the door, the venue can also be enjoyed for a lovely dinning experience. This massive outdoor restaurant and nightclub is truly one of a kind. Since it caters to an upscale clientele the club always steps up its game, acting as a haven for the most elite VIPs. Designed to capture a sense of unrivaled luxury and style. This super club hosts numerous events throughout the year, invites international acts to perform as well as delivers a perfect mix of resident DJ’s. In short Skybar is the place to be seen, as the open-air is on a pedestal of its own.