Rockin’ Thursday Nights at Sepia!

Weekdays are perfect for Gemmayzeh pubs, and to go a step further, Thursday is a perfect night to hit up the beloved pub on the Gemmayzeh stairs. Sepia’s new rockin’ Thursday night is a great example of why Sepia is still a place to frequent when hitting the pub scene.

The old Lebanese style house turned pub was comfortably crowded. Lucky, Sepia is a big enough pub that you are not sitting shoulder to shoulder next to strangers. Guests enjoyed a cozy atmosphere sipping cocktails, all while enjoying live entertainment by the in house band that performed oldies rock style jams along with the incredible American vocalist from Los Angeles, Cinda RamSeur. Gemmayzeh is known as the place to spend winter nights. BNL agrees and spends evenings all over the pub district, especially at favored spots like Sepia.