Reggae Masters The Wailers Live at Music Hall!

Anyone who loves to move to smooth reggae beats was at Music Hall for a special evening with Reggae the masters themselves, The Wailers. Now, I am sure everyone has heard of Reggae legend Bob Marley, if you have heard Bob Marley you must have had the opportunity to enjoy the music of The Wailers. This group of talented musicians backed Marley for years before his death, as his official band.

The Wailers, as always, put on an incredible upbeat show supplying Reggae beats and performing the classics we all know and love for a room over 500 people, who were in attendance. Music figures such as Moe Hamzeh (frontman of the band Kordz) as well as many others showed up for a night of smooth groovin’. The band played a full set of non-stop jams supplying a great ambiance for a perfect evening of music.

If you haven’t checked out The Wailers I suggest you pick up their album today!