Redefining Oriental Music Clubbing

When one thinks Arabic music, it’s usually in a wedding or other family function. Maybe a simple tent-like venue, drenched in shisha smoke and low-fi sound systems. A few clubs in Beirut are changing all that though, and have been doing so for many years.

We are of course talking about Concerto, Gorro, Scenario and Taiga Beirut. These posh, exclusive venues have transformed the beloved one-man-show concept into a viable nightclub experience, with quality service, drinks and food combined with an impressive environment and Beirut’s finest oriental music fans.’s photographers went for a tour last Saturday to these four clubs creating a buzz in the Arabic entertainment industry, becoming favorites for local and regional clubbers who are of a more mature age and fans of traditional music versus the international kind we are used to seeing in places like Sodeco and Monot.

The pictures are testament to this often overlooked, yet extremely vibrant branch of Beirut’s nightlife. This separate empire of oriental music has its own artists, quality event managers and of course loyal fans. We hope to bring you more in-depth coverage and ensure our readers get the full and comprehensive picture of what happens around Beirut after the sun sets.