Red Bull Bedroom Jam with Blimp


We all know the type. That group of young, talented musicians, wide-eyed and full of hope to one day become world-famous rock stars. Unfortunately they practice in the bedroom and their audience is the family cat. Leave it to the high-flying dreamers at Red Bull to come up with a competition that takes young bands out of their bedrooms, and onto a big stage! Enter: the Red Bull Bedroom Jam.

One of Lebanon’s seven finalists is the band “Blimp”, and they had a special show at Hamra’s renowned live music venue, DRM. The show kicked off with a short promotional video  for Red Bull events. Then the king of Lebanese comedy, Nemr Abou Nassar, took to the stage to crack the audience up with his hilarious stand up routine.

But the real treat was when Blimp finally took to the stage to give the excited crowd and earful of musical perfection. The band performed some covers of songs by the likes of the iconic Pink Floyd and other great tunes, in addition to their original songs. It was a great night of music, support for local talent, and good times  for a fantastic crowd.