Purple Glam the Closing Event Celebrating a Wonderful Season at Amethyste

Saying farewell to Amethyste for the season was bitter sweet. Of course I didn’t want the gorgeous lounge at the Phoenicia Hotel to close but on the other hand had a wonderful time at Purple Glam, celebrating their successful season. Amethyste’s sleek purple hazed lounge filled up. Drape covered cabanas became a chill zone for guests enjoying the open bar. DJ Johnny Rizk supplied a mixed set full of funk tech, house, progressive and commercial music. The place was bumpin’ with bass. There was a cool breeze and fun in the air while guests entered by groups to enjoy the delightful evening.

At approximately 10:30 the evening heated up with sexy dancers dressed in pure white. A ballerina style danseur waved her white-feathered fans around performing a nice expressive dance routine. Johnny Rizk played a remixed version of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” during the number which I must say, added intensity to the dance. Whisky Mist bikini sporting dancers also visited to perform their “Who Run The World, Girls” show.

BNL invitees & friends enjoyed music, snapped photos and relished in the chill vibe and open bar at the closing of Amethyste. See you next season!