Are You a Pub Person or a Club Person?

What type of night-lifer are you, one who enjoys a local pub or a hot club? While both serve great purposes for a great night out, sometimes it is hard to choose between the two, especially here in Lebanon, as the country is full of both. Of course, it is always good to switch it up from time to time. I would make my pick depending on a few key factors…. read further to find out if your ideal night out would be one spent at a cozy pub or rather a packed club.

Music to Your Ears:
First, you must think of the tunes. Imagine being stuck at a place for 3 plus hours and you hate the type of music being played. That is a recipe for a terrible evening. Take in to consideration that big clubs around town usually have DJs to pump up the venue and to get people on their feet, therefore expect loud commercial, dance, house, electronic and music of that nature. Pub tunes aren’t necessarily made for dancing, if you would rather nod your head to classic tunes, rock, or lounge music head over to your nearest pub district.


Patience is a Virtue:
If you weren’t blessed with patience don’t bother showing up to a club, unless of course you are buddy-buddy with the owner…or actually own the place yourself. Allow me to explain further, when you show up to a club you will have to wait in the valet line for your car to be taken, once you have reached the valet line you will then wait in a line to enter the club, once that dreaded line has passed you will, at this point impatiently, walk up to the bar where you will have to patiently wait to be served. The club will be (or should be if you are at a good club) packed so make sure you are patient enough to take a shoulder bump or two without completely losing your cool. If you have patience I suggest you go to a club, they are upbeat, wild, fun and you will have a lot to talk about the next day. If patience isn’t your strong suit head over to a pub with parking out front, no lines, and bartender who is ready to take your order.


Money Ain’t a Thing:
Or is it? That is a big question you have to ask your self when making your decision between a pub night or a club night. All and all, let’s face it if you have under $100 bucks to spend I wouldn’t suggest going to a club. If your budget surpasses that feel free to club it up, and order a round of shots while you are at it. If not hit up your local pub, you can enjoy a full evening for less than $50.


Fashion Forward:
Girls do you feel like getting dolled up, or guys do you feel like showing off your new Armani dress shirt? If so head over to the hottest club in town. Clubs have a dress code and that is, dress to impress. Now on the contrary, if you feel like hanging out in jeans and tee feel free to, at a cool pub in town.


Why are You Going Out?
Above all, you have to ask yourself why? What is the purpose of your night out? If you and your friends have a lot to talk about, are ready to wind down and share stories about your week then the last place you should be is in a loud club surrounded by people dancing. A pub is a perfect place to sit down, have a few drinks and enjoy your time chatting with friends in a hip environment. If the last thing you want to do is talk and the first thing you want to do is dance, drink and be seen don’t waste your time at a pub, dance your heart out until the early morning at your favored club hotspot.

I for one love both atmospheres and often have a hard time choosing between the two. Usually I hit up pubs during the week and fully let loose at clubs over the weekend.

What do you think BNLer’s, what type of night-lifer are you? Which nightlife spots do you prefer?