Playboy Bunnies Go MaDJam at Whisky Mist

It was yet another sexy playboy themed Saturday night over at Whisky Mist. This week an event organized by “Mars on Earth” welcomed Playboy bunny dressed ladies dancing their tails off all night long, supplying a fun and sexy ambiance at the Mist. Red lights and Playboy logos filled the venue while opening DJ Pierre warmed up the crowd.

Once Whisky Mist filled up and every guest had a drink in hand, Lebanon’s own maDJam took over the decks, giving one hell of a performance. MaDJam really has a way with winning over a crowd. He is constantly jumping around, singing and reacting to fans, who also are very responsive. I do want to mention a very cool aspect of maDJam’s performance was that the pioneer DJ used his iPad for added effects. As usual guests sported their complimentary bunny ears and bow ties while Whisky Mist wait staff and bunnies circled the club throughout the evening with sparklers and shot trays in hand. Of course everyone drank up!

Check out BNL’s photos below for a recap of the evening….