Planning a Party? Here’s What You’ll Need

Now I know we are in Lebanon, a country with hands down one of the best nightlife scenes around the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay at home and throw your own killer fiesta, once in a while. What is better than chillin’ out with close friends and raging in the comfort of your own home?

If you are going to celebrate House Party style, here are some tips in regards to serving up the liquid courage most people hate to party without. You wouldn’t want to come up short.

The alcohol essentials:

1. The Count: Number of drinks per bottle size

-750 ml (based on a 1 ½ oz. serving) = 17 drinks
-1L (based on a 1 ½ oz. serving) = 23 drinks
-1.75L (based on a 1 ½ oz. serving) = 39 drinks

 2. Have Sprit: Number or spirits to purchase

Based on 2 drinks per person and 1 drink per hour. Example: Number of guests 20 x number of drinks (2) = 40
Divided by the number of servings per bottle [17 for a 750ml]
40 / 17 = 2.4 So you will need 3 bottles of 750 ml

3. Mixers!

1L of mixers = 34 oz.
34 oz. / 3.5 oz. = Almost 10 mixer servings per litre.
For every 1 bottle of liquor buy 3L of mixers.

4. Ice Ice Baby
10 guests / 5 = 2 bags of ice
20 guests / 5 = 4 bags of ice
40 guests / 5 = 8 bags of ice

5. Aim to Please:
In order to make everyone happy you should purchase brands from each category – Vodka, Whisky, Tequila, Gin, Rum and Liqueur. Also a quick tip, have plenty of water and non-alcoholic beverages for those who plan on a sober evening..

Never forget, to drink responsibly and never let your houseguests drink and drive…Party on BNLer’s!

Anyone out there have any tips for a party host?