Pirates On The Run! A Pirate Themed Boat Party Sets Sail

Arrrgggh!!! Who knows how to party better than Pirates?! They sail the open seas, live by their own rules and drink until the barrels are empty. The Pirates On The Run Boat Party set out to give guests that same care free feeling by sailing for hours while supplying an OPEN bar of beverages, and complementary snacks.

Once arriving to the Marina I spotted the two masted sailboat which justified the Pirate theme quite well. We Party goers said bon voyage from La Marina Dbayeh and set sail towards Beirut’s Waterfront. Although not everyone respected the Pirate theme dress code some did participate coming fully equipped with toy swords, eye patches and fake Pirate tattoos. When setting sail towards Jounieh guests enjoyed music and drinks to a beautiful sunset view.

A few hours into the trip the captain found a perfect spot to drop anchor. The boat was parked and party goers threw themselves into the sea. While some cooled off in the water others continued the dance party on board. Our photographer Carl couldn’t help having Pirate style thoughts of raiding passing vessels but we all behaved thus no cannons were fired. The event lasted well into the late evening making it well worth the trip.

This was Pirates On The Runs second Pirate themed party at sea. I love the idea of abandoning land for a relaxing and fun day surrounded by the peaceful sea. BNL is looking forward to the next Pirate gathering!