Pier 7’s Summer Season Recap 2012

Everyone in Lebanon knows that when it comes to clubbing, nightclub veterans the Crystal Group do it right! And this year was no different. The talented production team was put to work yet again, this time revamping what was already a happening hotspot. Last year, Crystal Group gave us an ultimate escape by the sea but this year they took that idea to a whole new level. Housed in an exotic and glamorous setting, Pier 7 welcomed a new visually stunning architectural design, fully stocked bars upstairs and downstairs for easy access, VIP tables all over the house, amazing lighting, great service and the list goes on and on. During summer 2012 Pier 7 supplied unmatched music by resident DJs, including killer themed nights, such as Hip-Hop night, international acts and more. Performers known all over the world stopped by to perform live on the Pier 7 stage. Summer 2012 saw huge names such as Eve, Jason Derulo, Fat Joe, Fabolous, DJ Snake, Lil’ Jon and tons more! On any given night, nightlife lovers headed to Pier 7 to find a packed house of party people. Summer 2012 marked the seaside club’s second year and it’s safe to say Pier 7 has proven itself to be thee open-air venue that offers A-class international artists, epic themed nights, a delicious pre club dining experience and best of all the true Beirut nightlife experience. Here’s to next summer at Pier 7!

Opening Night of Pier 7 2012: https://www.beirutnightlife.com/nightlife/opening-night-pier-7-off/

DJ Snake Live at Pier 7: https://www.beirutnightlife.com/nightlife/dj-snake-lady-gagas-official-album-producer-live-pier-7/

Jason Derulo and Jeremih Blew Up Pier 7: https://www.beirutnightlife.com/video-gallery/hip-hop-superstars-jason-derulo-jeremih-blew-pier-7/

Rapper Chingy Live at Pier 7: https://www.beirutnightlife.com/nightlife/pier-7-rapper-chingy-right-thurr/

DJ Snake Live Pier 7: https://www.beirutnightlife.com/nightlife/dj-snake-dance-vocalist-amanda-wilson-put-show-pier-7/

Lloyd Banks Live At Pier 7: https://www.beirutnightlife.com/nightlife/hands-pier-7-rapper-lloyd-banks/

Christopher Jones At Pier 7: https://www.beirutnightlife.com/nightlife/chris-jones-momentum-pier-7/

Fabolous Live at Pier 7: https://www.beirutnightlife.com/nightlife/american-rapper-fabolous-live-pier-7/

Diva Eve Live at Pier 7: https://www.beirutnightlife.com/nightlife/girl-eves-girl-pier-7/

Lil’ Jon Live at Pier 7: https://www.beirutnightlife.com/nightlife/yeeaaahh-lil-jon-pier-7/

Address: Sea Side – Dora , Beirut, Lebanon

Phone: +961 70 697 777

Website: http://www.thecrystalgroup.net

Fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pier7beirut