Pier 7 Celebrates a Successful Season and Closes for Winter

Weather was no match for partying at Pier 7 on Saturday night. Devoted Pier 7 club goers as well as new faces flowed into the coliseum by the sea to bid a final farewell to a long and successful summer season at Pier 7. On a daily basis BNLer’s at Pier 7 experienced top-notch international artist performances, highflying trapeze artists, champagne giveaways, professional choreographed dance numbers and more. On Saturday night the Pier 7 team sent guests away with a good time, amazing DJ sets and dance performances in their minds.

Always gotta give props to the resident DJ’s who made the season move Jack Sleiman (Godfather), TRIX, Mass, Esper Paoli and Joey.

I can’t say we aren’t going to miss Pier 7 this winter but I can say we are looking forward to the seasons after, to see what Pier 7 has in store for us next!