Pier 7 Closes Out Another Amazing Summer Season

After an absolutely bangin’ summer season, Pier 7 celebrated the incredible 2012 year by throwing a killer closing party.

Throughout the season, Pier 7 hosted many amazing nights full of unmatched international entertainment. This past weekend clubbers packed into the hip open air venue to bid farewell, just until next summer of course. The closing party was packed full of beautiful Lebanese beauties enjoying great music, supplied by Pier 7 resident DJs Esper Paoli and Joey. And Pier 7 didn’t send their loyal club goers home empty handed… All guests were given a set of 5 awesome commemorative Pier 7 shot glasses and a CD full of tunes to move to.

BeirutNightLife.com congratulates Pier 7 on their amazing year. We were more than thrilled to be a part of it.. Till next year with more and more extravagant nights at Pier 7 night, till then see you all in Palais during winter season… Here is a glimpse of the closing night..