Paul Woolford at the Basement with Poliakov

Paul Woolford is one the underground electronic music scene’s biggest personalities. This DJ, producer, remixer, collaborator, label owner and music maverick has left his mark on the electronic music scene life few others.

The dynamic, crisp yet fluid House Paul plays has allowed him to produce enormous hits like “Erotic Discourse” and “Surrender,” both of which he played to the crowd’s utmost delight.

Poliakov Vodka brought this legendary EDM genius to Beirut’s Basement, which is celebrating its last few weekends in Beirut. The venue is a hallmark for underground genius and innovation, into which Paul seamlessly blended and enhanced.

The revelers on Friday November 12 were thrown into a dancing frenzy as Paul took them up and down the bass and tempo with mind-blowing loops and synths. The club moved in unison and consistently all throughout the night, as people closed their eyes, raised their hands and bobbed their heads to the vibes flooding the subterranean club.

As if Paul’s magic wasn’t enough, Jade’s support for the international British sensation completed the musical aspect of the night, leaving the rest up to Poliakov and the crowd!

Paul Woolford with Poliakov was yet another historical night at the Basement which will undoubtedly be remembered by everyone there.

See you all on November 27 with FERRY CORSTEN, LANGE and SOLARSTONE with POLIAKOV