Palais Transforms into a Magical Mansion

After a few months of closing its doors to the public, Palais finally reopened last week in the same location, except with a totally new look. Little did people know that the Crystal Group was busy revamping one of their most popular clubs, and the result was nothing less than fantastic.

Dimly lit chandeliers grace the detailed ceiling, which is grandiose to the extent that you feel you’re sitting in an old mansion. The walls are decorated with original paintings with gold frames. He comfortable dark grey couches are formed like booths. The entire lower section is open, yet doesn’t allow for every single table to see every other single table. I loved this since it allows people to focus on having a good time rather than staring at everyone else. The two upper levels are more isolated, yet share the same fun vibes and ambiance with the rest of the place.

The DJ was awesome, combining commercial dance floor hits and some less known hip-shaking tracks that kept the party going till after 4 am. People just wouldn’t leave! It was packed with energy, especially when confetti burst into the air and magically fell all over everyone present as we happily danced in a cloud of glittering bits of paper.

As packed as it was, the new décor allowed for everyone to comfortably have their space and dance happily without being pushed around.

The verdict? Everyone absolutely loved it. Join BNL there this weekend for a night fun partying in a dreamy setting till the early hours of the morning.