Palais Maillot: Bringing the Paris Clubbing Scene to Beirut

Palais Maillot, a renowned club in Paris, has opened its doors in Beirut in the industrial Dora seaside area. Boasting a minimalist approach to the décor, with the exception of the trademark Palais Maillot chandelier hanging from the ceiling, this club is all about the vibes, the music and the people. Based on the expertise of the owner of Fu Bar and the owner of Palais Maillot in Paris, get ready for an action-packed clubbing experience.

It is set in a spacious venue with wide passages, although the tables are tightly packed together in different sections and levels of the place. Red, blue and green strobe lights create the vibe as they harmoniously change with the music, lifting moods and shifting sexy bodies all around the club.

The DJ plays a mix of house, R&B and hip-hop tracks along with current hits that everybody sings along to as the atmosphere pumps up. The balcony on the level above the DJ booth welcomes enthusiastic clubbers who want to move and dance freely for everyone to see. But first and foremost, it’s the professional dancers that take their places on those balconies, exciting and thrilling the crowd till the early hours of the morning.

Join Beirut’s elite clubbers and BNL as we bring down the house this weekend at Palais Maillot, and get a taste of what clubbing in Paris feels like.