Palais Goes Out With a Bang! The Goodbye Party to End it All


Goodbyes are never easy, but goodbye parties are always great fun! Celebrating many successful years as the country’s premier party venue, Palais went out with a bang on Friday night, hosting one massive goodbye party for the clubbers that have been faithful to the palace since it opened its doors, and those that have joined along the way. DJs Toni and Esper Paoli tore it up on the decks one last time as the full house of beautiful people had an amazing time drinking, dancing and making memories that will one day no doubt be the subject of nostalgia and happy trips down memory lane. Some of the giveaways at the event were confetti, as well as caps and t-shirts saying fun things about Palais, such as “This is where I had my first kiss”, “This is where I met my boyfriend” and “This is where I first got wasted”. As we bid farewell to Palais and its predecessors which have been around for a long long long time, we know it’s the end of an era. Thank you Palais by Crystal, for the years of fun and good times, and we’re looking forward to the new and exciting things that are coming in their place by the always inventive Crystal Group!