Palais by Crystal’s Opening Night: The Winter 2012-2013 edition!

The doors have been locked all summer long and the palace has been quiet… Until now! The doors were flung open on November 2, and Palais by Crystal ushered in the winter season in style. And who expected anything less?

Drawing the coolest crowds in Beirut for a full house, the opening night was surely something to talk about. Crystal Group’s DJ troops where up to the challenge with Esper Paoli, warming up the crowds before resident DJ Josiane dropped some serious beats, from happenin’ hits to the best RnB rhythms. This girl definitely knows how to kill it on the decks and had everyone shaking it to the music. Maybe it’s also the rock star décor—it totally encourages rock star behavior! Fancy chandeliers, skulls, pop-icons, candles—the interior is elegance meets grunge-chic. With the bars fully-stocked and the floors freshly-polished for your dancing feet, Palais reminded us why we fell in love last year, and the year before, and the year before that… Let’s just say that if practice makes perfect, with this many years in the business the peeps at Palais know what we want out of a clubbing experience. Palais is no doubt the reigning party palace.

So what’s coming up this winter? Palais by Crystal has quite the reputation when it comes to spectacular events—and this year will be no exception. On the weekends Palais is definitely the place to be. The most gorgeous guests, mind-blowing music, and a totally unforgettable experience you can’t get anywhere else. Every Wednesday this winter you can come fight the cold with the steaming hot RnB and Hip Hop nights. And we’re all looking forward to the amazing theme nights, performers, and DJs that will keep us partying till the wee hours of the morning. If opening night was any indication of what’s to come, then this is the beginning of a beautiful season… Let the winter parties begin!