Palais: Bringing Back the Clubbing Pioneers

After leading the clubbing scene over the past decade, Crystal changed its décor several times before shifting to Palais. With each alteration came a new flavor and feeling to the place, but nothing was to be compared with the original Crystal. Whether it was its clientele, music, vibes, or the good feeling people got from the club, that sensation could not be recaptured in any club in town . . . until recently.

After the complete revamping of Palais, the venue reopened its doors a little over a month ago, bringing with it feelings and memories of years past, but intensified and improved to please Lebanon’s picky clubbers and surpass their expectations.

The décor is stylish and luxurious yet comfortable and spacious. Each table provides relaxed seating and enough room to dance, whether it’s behind the seating booth or around the table. The passageways are spacious enough to facilitate walking around, but narrow enough to keep all tables close enough together for a unified feeling while partying. It is clear that the venue has become more sophisticated and refined with its elegant chandeliers and interesting paintings. The new furnishings, along with the heart-pumping music, succeed in satisfying the eyes as well as the ears. With aiming to provide the best, Palais in return attracted the best of Lebanon’s clubbers; the crème de la crème; the trendsetters.

It usually takes clubbers a few nights out at a new venue to start liking it, but in the case of the new Palais, it was love at first sight. In a matter of hours, the whole city was talking about how grand yet comfortable the new décor is; how it felt like a mansion but still felt like home; how the music was just right and got the crowd pumping all night long; how clubbers danced the night away and how the alcohol kept pouring; how the confetti filled up the venue with magic and excitement.

What many people overlooked though, is that the new Palais brought back the old school clientele of the first Crystal; the clubbers that started it all. These pioneer clubbers of Beirut city have slowly disappeared over the years because their tastes became too hard to please; but with the return of the new Palais, came the old Crystal’s vibes; and with the return of those vibes, came Beirut City’s original club rockers. For the first time in a long time, we could see magnum champagne bottles making their way to VIP tables occupied with mature familiar faces that many haven’t seen in quite a while. When this segment of clientele was asked what they thought of the new Palais, they said, “It feels like home!”

Take a look at the photo gallery below for a preview of this magical nightlife destination.