Oumnia Makes Dreams Come True at SkyBar

Oumnia is a non-profit organization that seeks to help hospitalized children on several aspects. The NGO organized a fundraiser in SkyBar on Monday night, and the clubbers made sure Oumnia will be able to continue its track record of making sick children’s dreams come true!

SkyBar welcomed hundreds of donors, volunteers, and friends of Oumnia that dined and danced to the exquisite music, all for a good, noble cause.

The night’s revelers were a more mature crowd, many of them the professionals that treat and make the young children’s dreams a reality themselves.

The night was a true success, and another boost to Lebanese social awareness and charity fundraising.

There’s no better feeling than having a good night of clubbing, and knowing the proceeds will go to such a noble cause. We wish Oumnia the best of luck in their invaluable service to our kids.