The Opening of MAD was Madness…in a Good Way!!

Before heading over to the opening of MAD, I knew it was going to be a blast. I wouldn’t expect any less from the guys that brought us White. Sure, White is most definitely a favored club here in Beirut and I am sure MAD would have been a success if it mimicked White but thankfully it did not! When walking into MAD you enter into a place completely different from White. First off, MAD has no hint of the color white. In regards to décor, think city lights and an outdoor cosmopolitan street.  MAD brings the outdoors indoor which added a large sense of space to the smaller venue. Walking around MAD you will find walls covered in comic book style posters, modern booths andfuturistic style couches with comic covered pillows at the entrance. This indoor city is exciting.

DJ Rudebox opened up the night spinning an Electronic set with a Funk twist. The   DJ booth is raised high up a couple levels, giving Rudebox a perfect view of the crowd.  One aspect reminiscent to club White is the large rectangular shaped bar in the center of the club, but hey why fix something that isn’t broken? The bar in the center of the room works for MAD. Two levels, first tables and second couches,

surround the center bar in a square shape. All these tables were fully booked of course. Even with the massive crowd, there was a completely chill vibe at MAD. People were comfortable and to simply put it, having a wonderful time.

DJ Bob switched spots with Rudebox and started into his own set, incorporating Rock hits with Electronic back beats. The dark spin on Electronic music, with tracks from bands such as 30 Seconds to Mars, fit in perfectly with the MAD vibe.

BNL is definitely looking forward to the madness that is club MAD!