One Heck of a One Night Stand at Playroom!

On December 25th after most of us had a series of large meals and chilled with our families and loved ones, it was time for something different: a one night stand perhaps? One Night Stand, the standup comedy show that is! It was a holiday special and it sure produced some serious belly laughs to burn those holiday calories. Following last year’s success with “F ME,I’M FUNNY”, the 5 comedians Maurice Daou, Stephanie Ghalbouni, Jihad Samkeh Marhaba, Dany Sakr and George Ghalbouni, came back to crack up a full house of different people from different areas, all coming together to support the local comedians and to have a laugh. The audience definitely got what they came for, a night of laughter almost to the point of tears. One Night Stand was a true standup comedy show where one liners were mixed with hilarious storytelling and dances to the beats of some “dirbakkeh” hits. Don’t miss these guys the next time they’re performing, and follow and support them!