C U NXT SAT with the Passive Standouts

C U NXT SAT at Art Lounge is indeed “for music’s sake”! Each week the venue features a live band for maximum musical entertainment. This past Saturday, the Passive Standouts, a wild trio of young promising musicians put on an amazing show for fans. Admirers shouted for the band and sang along to the lyrics while vocalist/guitar player belted out while strumming killer chords, bassist went wild jumping across the stage, and drummer banging on his set. In case you all didn’t know the Passive Standouts were the winners of the Global Battle of the Bands.

After the performance, the party kept on strong with great music on the menu for the rest of the evening. Diamond Setter was there to remind us of the Basement memories we all know, love and miss. Jade followed bringing something new to the table. Projected visuals accompanied Jade’s set, on the wall just above clubbers heads. This added a whole new level to the music and atmosphere of the evening.

Check out BNL’s photos from the stellar evening…