NRJ’s Chocolate Record-Breaking RnB Night

A recent swarm of RnB-designated nights has taken over Beirut’s weekdays. This is of course heaven for Urban music lovers, but the sheer number is making it tough to decide which club to go to…

Last night, along with last Wednesday night, have crowned NRJ’s RnB night at Chocolate as the undisputed, official Beirut RnB night.

Chocolate Club was fully packed, with hundreds inside transforming every possible space into a dance floor, from bars, tables, chairs and even the speakers. The hundreds inside were equalled in number only by those waiting outside, hoping to get in.

With RnB nights almost empty elsewhere during the week, Chocolate’s valets are overwhelmed with the seemingly never-ending flow of cars, bringing in the finest group of Urban clubbers in Beirut.

NRJ Mastermix’s DJ Base has accumulated an impressive fan base over a very short period of time. With his weekly radio show, residency at Sky Bar and events abroad, Base’s unmistakable signature sets bring out the best of today’s Hip Hop and RnB, while blending it with the classics we just can’t get tired of.

DJ Godfather, visiting us from Canada, is a true godfather to the urban music scene in Beirut. With years of experience in getting people “down”, his mentorship during the night added a priceless touch to the rising ingenuity of Base.

The floor-filling, sexy vibes heated up the club in Beirut’s exceptionally cold weather, with clubbers swaying and stepping, grinding and winding, all while singing along to the track after track of the finest rap.

Catch this amazing Wednesday night shakedown of quality Urban music every week at Chocolate Club, with NRJ and DJ Base.