Nightlifer and Skybar Resident DJ Anthony Bassoulou Talks with BeirutNightLife

Everyone in Lebanon has heard of Skybar. Night after night the club overflows with people dancing to mind-blowing DJ sets, but the collection of music played doesn’t appear from thin air. BNL would like to introduce Anthony Bassoulou, one of the marvelous DJ talents that can be found pumpin’ your heart up with House music beats. Beginning his successful career in 1990, Anthony is no stranger to being behind DJ decks. His skills mixed with a positive attitude and connection to a crowd sets Anthony apart. Although busy with a full Skybar schedule as well as traveling, Anothony took the time out to speak with BNL about his world…music.

Anthony explains where it all began and where it has taken him, “I started DJ-ing in 1990 in Zalka Ciel FM and Radio DJ. I am currently on Sky Management’s team of DJs and last summer I was spinning at Skybar.


He gives insight on the duties of a successful DJ, “Being a DJ comes with great responsibilities. A DJ needs to adapt and understand different music cultures and continuously feed his personal library that will help him connect with his crowd. With all this said, adding feelings to a performance is the most important factor that will get you the connection you are looking for.”


I asked Anthony if he feels it is easier for DJ’s in Lebanon being that our inhabitants are always ready to party, he shares, “Thanks to the huge efforts done by our great clubs in Lebanon, our country is now ranked as one of the world’s top destinations for nightlife. I believe we owe this success to our crowds positivity and love of celebration. This is what makes a DJ’s job a challenging one: having to exceed the Lebanese crowd’s expectations is easier said than done.”


Anthony has performed at many events across Lebanon as well as outside the country he mentions one he is extremely looking forward to, “I have done a lot of successful events, but the most exciting one is managed by Sky Management and will take place in Abu Dhabi at Yas Island during the Formula One weekend, from the 10th to the 13th of this month [November]

What influences Anthony Bassoulou? “For me? 🙂 [He says modestly] It is a mix of pleasure, state of mind, passion, story and anything that makes you happy….all this and more!!”

Advice from veteran DJ’s is always a plus if you are looking into joining the field. Anthony gives aspiring DJ’s these words of wisdom, “You should be addicted to Music to be a good DJ and you should listen to all styles and genres.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Anthony had these last words he wanted to relay to the people of Lebanon, “Thank you for your continuous love and support!”


The Grind: This is a short answer questionnaire. When Anthony was given a word he was to answer with the first thing to pop in his head.

Lebanon: Beautiful People

Music: House Music (Passion)


Drink: Tiki Puka Puka & Aperol Spritz

BeirutNightLife: Jean Ghalo

Life: A way to reflect love and passion.

Anthony Bassoulou’s top 5 music artists that ruled 2011:

Example (Changed The Way You Kiss Me), Chris Brown (Beautiful People), Taio Cruz (Little Bad Girl), Adele (Set Fire To The Rain), Coldplay (Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall)

Anthony Bassoulou’s top 5 clubs in Lebanon:

SKYBAR, White, B 018, White House, Iris


You can follow up with Anthony on his Facebook page