Nightlife Tips: Prepare for a Night of Clubbing the Right Way

Since going out to clubs isn’t just a weekend thing but more of a daily activity on our daily checklists here in Beirut, we have almost forgotten how to keep the pre-club protocol alive. Although, it is true that if you go clubbing frequently the pre-clubbing preparations become second nature, even some pros forget to get ready the right way. From hygiene to cash on hand, below are things you should put on your pre-clubbing checklist… 

  1. Wear the right clothes! If you are going to a pub dress down, to a club make sure you are dressed to impress as many clubs have the right to deny entrance due to improper dress attire.
  2. Doesn’t matter how many showers you have taken during the day, make sure you have a shower right before going out. Clubs get hot and everyone, including you, will get sweaty. On this hygiene note I would like to add, brush your teeth right before you leave the house, deodorize, spray perfume/cologne (not too much of course) and grab some gum on the way out.
  3. Expect that some clubs will want an entrance fee paid in cash, therefore have some on hand. Also take credit cards ready to order drinks.
  4. To go along with the above mentioned, if you want to use cash at the bar make sure you have large bills in your wallet. Nightclubs are frequently loud, making it hard to hear a barmaid or bartender tell how much you owe for your drinks. It’s easier to just hand over a $50 bill and figure out how much you paid when you get your change.
  5. Charge your cell phone. This one is big, you never know where you will end up or what can happen after a full night of partying. To add to this, also make sure you have saved the numbers of everyone in your clubbing party to your phone. I am sure one of them is bound to get lost in the crowds.
  6. If you go to a club to meet people, don’t be shy, carry your business cards with you. It is always easier to hand someone your card as opposed to trying to save a number with music blaring. Plus imagine if he/she didn’t hear your number correctly, there goes Mr. or Mrs. Right.
  7. Save some taxi phone numbers to your phone, that way if you find yourself too drunk to drive you are one step ahead of the game.

There are many preparations for a perfect night out, don’t forget these main points and you will be all set to Ignite Your Night!