Nightlife Exchange Project

In a move set to break new ground in nightlife experiences, the vodka brand Smirnoff has unveiled ‘The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project’ in Lebanon at B 018 Beirut.

This attempt will see 14 countries work with respected nightlife figures to discover and celebrate the best elements of their country’s nightlife. These ideas will be captured online, packed-up in a crate and transformed into exciting event experiences. In an epic finale on 27th November, the world will swap nights, with each country exchanging the best of their nightlife with that of another.

The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project puts these fans and the general public at its very center. These suggestions might be a specific type of music, a locally-conceived cocktail or a fashion trend unique to the country. Once the suggestions are in, it will be up to the local expert Curator in each country to decide what will represent the very best of each country’s nightlife in the exchange.

The Nightlife Exchange Project will take place in 14 countries located in six different continents and they include: South Africa, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Lebanon, Poland, Thailand, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia and Venezuela.