One Night In July at Sporting with Berlin’s Tolga Fidan

I must say that Sporting is surly becoming the place to be, as well as a place to escape the over crowded beaches with partiers who, let’s just say over indulge. On a weekly basis Lebanese locals visit Sporting Club Raouche for a relaxing and cool day at the beach. This past week, Sporting along with Beirut In the Mix, Retro Clash and C U NXT SAT got together for an intimate musical night with deep, funky, groovy house sounds! Who says you can’t enjoy the beach at night?

Special guests DJ Tolga Fidan, Berlin’s most interesting export who has released dance floor fillers on labels such as Vakant, Cadenza, Cocoon and Freak n’Chic, came over to perform live at Sporting Club, head to head with Beirut’s finest house DJs, Ladybug, Phil, Diamond Setter and Ronin & Nesta. All were there for one evening under the stars, by the sea..