Najwa Karam, “Ktir Salbe” and More Celebrate Achrafieh Live

In my opinion, as well as the opinion of many, Achrafieh is a true gem in Beirut. Achrafieh is both a residential and a commercial district characterized by narrow winding streets with prestigious large apartments and office buildings. It is a prime location for investment and tourism. Achrafieh boasts numerous amounts of gorgeous restaurants, coffee shops, shopping boutiques and so much more. Many appreciate the area on a daily basis but this past week the Annual Live Achrafieh Music & Street Festival went down.

An amazing and grandiose music and street festival celebrated all that is Achrafieh. The popular Sassine Square was taken over by fans from all over Lebanon, especially proud locals. Live Achrafieh guests enjoyed an exciting and colorful Kids Street Festival, as well as the comedic stylings of MTV’s very own “Ktir Salbe”. The highlight of the festival was of course, none other than the mega star, Lebanese singer Najwa Karam. Najwa’s strong and amazing voice carried all over Achrafieh. It was an amazing night to remember!

Like every year, joined the public to celebrate Live Achrafieh