Naji Osta and Viviane Mrad Give a Shining Concert


Lebanese pop stars Naji Osta and Viviane Mrad gave shining performance at the Manaret Al Khaleej in Jounieh on  April 20, wowing the crowd with their spectacular voices. A full house of spectators enjoyed a delicious dinner and drinks while also experiencing a delightful night of music, stars and entertainment with the superstar duo. At the event, which was sponsored by XXL, Naji Osta sang some of his greatest hits like Mesh Tabi3i, Te3bo A3sabi, Fakarton Kholso, Kebrane B Rasa, and the lovely Viviane Mrad, dressed in a stunning crimson gown, gave a great performance of her song Chu Sayer Fik, as well as many other popular tunes. The concert was a great success by all standards