Music, maDJam, Ramz, Entertainment and Special Guests at Whisky Mist

Any of you BNLer’s out there have Mephobia…I know I got it! Whisky Mist threw a great party to celebrate everyone who has “the fear of being so awesome that the human race can’t handle it, and dies”. Before the chance of dying guests snapped photos in front of the Mephobia backdrop then flowed into the club, packing the venue with beautiful night-lifers. A fresh young crowd danced to the beats of Whisky Mist resident DJ’s until the guests DJ for the evening, well-known, maDJam took over the ones and twos. He played an upbeat set comprised of Electro, Commercial House and dance. DJ Ramz directly followed with his flavor of Hip-Hop and RnB. Towards the end of the set a special appearance was made by Hip-Hop DJ extraordinaire, who has DJed for names such as Jay-Z and Beyonce, Sassy Pandez.

Though out the evening of Mephobia mayhem, skeleton masked waiters distributed trays of shots to pump up the already wild crowd. Champagne bottles were ordered and popped at VIP tables while the lovely Whisky Mist dancers performed several choreographed dance routines and fire shows. Check out the photos below in case you missed the extravaganza at the Mist.