Music, Fashion, Familiar Faces and More at Whisky Mist

had been attending all of the Fashion House Thursday events at Whisky MistPhoenicia Hotel…and all of them have been a blast! This past Thursday Whisky Mist packed it’s house with invitees, friends and guests to enjoy its stylish club event. Resident DJ Keano Gray opened up the evening followed by well known oriental dance DJ extraordinaire Said Mrad. Radio One has collaborated with Whisky Mist for Fashion House Thursdays so of course they would send over one of their talented DJ’s, DJ Marc was present for a full set. A special treat this week was that many celebrities were there enjoying the evening and mingling with familiar faces. It was a delight to see Tony Abou Jaoude, Carla Haddad and more. Fashion TV like everyweek was there documenting the stylish evening. Also I’ve got to mention the lovely Whisky Mist dancers who offer up  their choreographed moved for our entertainment. Cheers!