I Love Thursdays Featuring DJ Kerem Onger at MAD

The second edition of “I Love Thursdays” at MAD was just a good as the first! Guests rolled in and took their places at the reserved tables to find complimentary goodies and party favors to have fun with. No one was too cool for funny party hats, glasses and over sized lolly pops. As an ode to the club guests used the props to get a little, that’s right, MAD!

Resident MAD DJ Rudebox offered up his talents with another amazing Electronic House set. Anyone who truly knows and can dissect Electronic music will be able to really feel the music Rudebox plays. Following Rudebox, special guest DJ coming in straight from Istanbul (club Angelique), Kerem Onger took over the ones and twos continuing the evening with the epic House flavor. Sexy dancers hopped up on the bar and platform risers, cold steam shooting electric guitars in hand, to cool off the hot crowd and add extra entertainment for the evening.

BeirutNightLife.com is looking forward to yet another amazing I love Thursday at MAD. Next week is sure to be extra wild with the Cirque du Soir performers. See you all there!