From London to Lebanon Add-mind Brings Cirque Du Soir to MAD

Anyone who made it to the Cirque du Soir edition of “I Love Thursdays” at MAD was 100% glad they did! The MAD house was the maddest it has ever been with a show that is (literally) unlike any other, especially for a nightclub. The wildly strange performers of Cirque du Soir have hit London, Dubai and now Lebanon can say we got in on the action. Let’s see where do I start? How about the fully tattooed trumpet and drum player accompanied by a cirque style bikini babe in a blow up kiddy pool…?

He banged his drum, to beats supplied by Cirque du Soir DJ all the way from London town Joe Maglia. Ladies gone circus freak dancers strutted their stuff, played with fire and intrigued us with their odd behavior above the center bar. MAD took on the full Cirque du Soir theme, handed out oversized bows and ties allowing guests to play cirque dress-up and featured Cirque du Soir video projections on the LED screens that surrounded the club.

Next up on the Cirque schedule dancers decked out in kitty cat outfits meowed and wowed the crowd. Bottles were popped and poured over the snare drum belonging to our friendly tattooed musician. He embraced this gesture and banged the drums harder splashing champagne all over the club and club-goers…who says cirque performers can’t make it rain?

The show continued with more lovely ladies…A trapeze artist showed up to bend in every which way. She literally contoured and stretched her body in ways I can’t even begin to imagine. Splits to this girl was like a piece of cake…Speaking of cake the icing on this one was the announcement of free champagne on the house! The entire club and all of its guests were given free Moet champagne bottles and “I love Thursday” t-shirts, MAD’s very generous way of saying thanks to its guests. At this point in the evening I am not entirely sure if people were drinking their cocktails and champagne or merely dumping them on the drums becoming part of the incredible show.  Either way I guarantee everyone left MAD with huge clown smiles on their faces.