Loft Investments Brings Chris Norman Live on Stage

Who of us haven’t sang along to ‘Living Next Door to Alice’… just saying it out loud brings the music tune to mind. Coming to perform live in front of a Lebanese audience is Chris Norman, the former lead singer of the legendary band called Smokie.

Chris Norman, brought to us by Investment Lofts will be singing “Living Next Door to Alice” among other popular songs like “I’ll Meet you at Midnight” as well as other of his popular songs by Smokie at The Warehouse&Loft April 2, 2011.

Smokie is an English classic rock band from Bradford who found success in Europe in the 1970s. They formed in 1966 in Yorkshire, England and did some early records under the name “Smokey” One of their top hits was “Living Next Door to Alice”. While touring in Ireland they discovered the audience would cheer back “Who the Fuck is Alice?”. As it turns out , this was a ritual at a Café in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) called “Gompie”. The group decided to “cover” this version with comedian Roy Chubby Brown having the honor of yelling “Alice, Who the Fuck is Alice?” during the chorus.

The Smokie sound is so distinctive that it has set the band apart from the rest, allowing them to remain at the top for over two decades and to still continue making new music. It’s original, it’s timeless and it’s made

“Living Next Door To Alice”, for example has sold over 10 million worldwide and it is still popular.

Sponsored by POLIAKOV Vodka, Gitanes in collaboration with Nostalgie, Kristie’s Agency, Al Balad, Taxi Bleu, Sawt El Ghad, Saint James, Fida Zalloum, Le Bristol Hotel

Covered by: Libano Suisse Insurance

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