Life Throws a Black Tie Event Against Drugs

It is always great to attend event knowing it is set up for a great cause. LIFE Beirut in association with Skoun organized a Black Tie Charity Event, where a Silent Auction took place, all proceeds going to Lebanese drug addiction treatment activities. Guests, VIP’s and Celebrities showed up in support of the event.

Skoun is one of the leading non-profit organizations in Lebanon struggling against dependence to drugs. Strong, with the assistance of health professionals, psychiatrists as well as an active and energetic board, employees and volunteers, SKOUN needs the support of the population to help drug addicts have a better, healthier and safer life. This year LIFE Beirut opened its doors to gather generous donators and implicated guests to support these valuable and priceless actions.

During the event LIFE Beirut was delighted to welcome talented performer Jonathan Brenmer, who rocked the club covering the best of Frank Sinatra and Michael Bulbé, offering the audience a very enjoyable night. In addition to the performance a silent auction was held that included many items, among them a Paolo Bongia luxury signature watch, as well as valuable items from Porsche, GS and Golden Tulip.

LIFE Beirut and Skoun are leading the way by example giving back to society with this initiative. Let us all welcome such activities as they heighten our sense of humanity through social responsibility.

Cheers to Life Beirut and Skoun for a wonderful and meaningful evening!