LIFE Takes New Years With a Happy Ending!

LIFE doesn’t have to be serious, especially on New Year’s Eve. This year it was all about having the absolute best time in the company of the hottest crowd and performers that almost set the roof on fire (not literally)! LIFE definitely knows how to keep a good secret… until the time was right to reveal it! The guests were treated to a moutwatering 5-course meal and took well-advised advantage of the open premium bar and champagne the entire night. For entertainment, there was a star-studded line up from supper to sunrise, featuring UK’s Girls Roc, artist performances, and special guest appearances. This was all set to the backdrop of the most pumpin’ beats of the year, courtesy of the LIFE DJ crew. Party favors and gifts were distributed throughout the evening and the extravaganza’s cherry on top was a fantastic fireworks show. The awesome night welcoming 2013 undeniably came with a happy ending for the crowd of beautiful party people at LIFE!