Leave the Girls at Home It’s a Guys Night Out!

This article is for single guys, guys in relationships, married men or even women looking to take a break from testosterone for a nice quiet evening. Usually couples tend to go out together for safety or to simply not upset the opposite sex but in reality it is a good thing to separate from time to time. So ready guys? It is time to organize a good old-fashioned “Guys Night Out”!

Now since this guys night out doesn’t happen all to often you have to do it right. Here are ways to plan the perfect “Guys Night Out”

Choose Your Friends Wisely:
Since you want it to be a fun night, don’t invite every guy you know. Just like mixing alcohol, mixing personalities is a bad idea. If you have three separate groups of friends with opposite personalities who don’t know each other it may be a bad idea to bring them all to one place to meet for the first time. Pick your team wisely. A good team would look something like this

The Wingman (best friend)
The Funny Man (for all night laughs)
The Caring Talker (sweet guy women will not be afraid of)
The Stud “Ladies Man” (the good looking guy to real the women in)
The Brother In Law (if you are married taking a family member will put your wife at ease)
The It Guy (popular guy around town to draw attention to your group)

Find Your Spot:
Location, location, location! A group of guys aren’t going to have fun just anywhere. Make sure you pick your spot wisely.

Bad Location Ideas:
Coffee Shop
Friends House
Anywhere your ladies frequently hang out

Good Location Ideas:
Night Club
Sports Bar
Bar/Pub with Live Band
A Casino
Rooftop Lounge









No Ma’am:
No ma’am simply means NO WOMEN ALLOWED. If you have a lady in your life give her some details about your night but not all of them. Most girls won’t mind, they will simply take this free time to meet up with their girlfriends or catch up on some much-needed alone time. Don’t lie and say you will be home early and stress that it is an all guys night and no random trespassing ladies will be there. Put your cell phones aside and enjoy a night full of raw testosterone.

Tips for the Single Man:
If the point of this “Guys Night Out” is ironically to attract women, here are some ways to easily invite the opposite sex into your group.

-Don’t be too loud and overly obnoxious to grab attention: Women will just roll their eyes and move as far away from your table as possible. Send over subtle yet inviting vibes, or just send your “stud” over to ask politely if they would care to join. No woman can say no to a polite stud 🙂

-Quick text: If someone in your group has friends that are girls send a quick text. Something simple like “A group of awesome guy friends of mine and I are out at (place), grab your girls and meet up”…harmless, inviting, and fun.









Dos and Don’ts:
In all cases guys tend to drink and get wild…when put in a group they pretty much go insane, and that is ok! When going insane, drinking all night and partying just make sure that everyone on your team doesn’t get too out of hand. Basically boys keep it together…

Don’t do anything illegal.
Don’t get in fights.
Don’t drink and drive.
Don’t drink and text.
Don’t cheat on someone who loves you at home.

Do let loose and have a great night.
Do talk with your guy friends; get their life updates while enjoying a good night.
Do thank your lady for being so understanding.
Do go out looking good and leave good impressions.
Do have a blast with your fellow mates!

So there you have it boys, now go out and party BNL guy style!