Learn How to Party the Right Way!

The things that define a great summer are the insane parties, which start from dawn and end at dusk. We all anticipate this summer especially being that we are in Lebanon. Our gorgeous country is known to be on the top of the charts for its nightlight, everyone is bound to have a taste of it! Now, the more you party the more you are aware of the certain tricks that shouldn’t be ignored to assure a great night. Let the following list be your bible, read it, learn it and execute it. We all learned the hard way so why should you?

  1. Always pre party home, great way to save the extra bucks.
  2.  Park side streets, to avoid the long wait for your car. Or better Cab it, cheaper and safer.
  3. Ladies always pack flats, no matter how hot those heals look at a certain point all that you will be doing is sitting waiting for the pain to be bearable.
  4. WATER, have water intermissions to avoid getting overly wasted drunk.
  5. Always have a designated driver present, your safety and others shouldn’t be compromised.
  6. Wear comfortable clothes.  Partying is all about being comfortable, ladies drop the super tight short dresses and guys avoid the blazers in 35 Celsius degree weather.
  7.  Deodorants and perfumes are to always be present. Summer+Heat=Swaet.
  8. Gum, drinking and smoking cause unpleasant bad breath and aside from your sexy kisses nothing should be visible.
  9. Lighter, there seems to be an epidemic spreading. All the lighters have been vanishing. Please no one wants to be interrupted as they jam to their favorite tune,” sorry bass ma3ak edeha!!!” pack at least two lighters.
  10. 10.  Attitude, if you have a bad one, STAY HOME!

Here you go, use these tips wisely fellow party people!