Red, Feathered and Luscious: Le Paon Rouge Wednesdays at Whisky Mist

Whisky Mist’s colorful indoor lighting makes for an authentic nightclub vibe. In my opinion if you mix Vegas, New York and London clubs you have Whisky Mist. Every Wednesday the Mist blasts into the past, celebrating the golden days of club Le Paon Rouge. The nights spent at Whisky Mist are guaranteed to have multiple dance performances in order to entertain cherished guests.

This Wednesday we beheld a traditional style belly dancer who put on a great show, shaking her hips like nobody’s business along side percussionist and darbuka drum player. Additional Whisky Mist dancers decked out in gorgeous white get ups entertained the crowd while they enjoyed bottle-serviced cocktails. The lady in red supplied her vocal styling singing out to the crowd. Next up on the entertainment agenda was the police inspired bikini babes who perform to hip-hop and commercial tunes. The night went off with an electric guitar player jamming and a ballet style dancer performed using flexibility and a chair as her prop.

Last but definitely not lease the main entertainers for the evening, the Le Paon Rouge burlesque style dancers decked out in red, corsets and rosy boa feathers engaged guests with their sexy performance.

Loads and loads of entertainment happen at Whisky Mist on a daily basis!